texGate X1
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texGate X1

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The hanging laundry checkpoint

Based on UHF technology, texGate is a tunnel reader solution specifically developed to meet the needs of the laundry sector. Fitted with specially developed UHF textags items of clothing or folded linen can be pushed through the texGate in mesh trolleys and reliably identified at the same time. No matter if soiled laundry or folded and stacked fresh items of laundry – the texGate is suitable for all transactions – both at the place where the garments or folded linen are used as well as in the laundry. Implemented as a hanging system the UHF texGate forms an important building block together with the corresponding management software for planning merchandise management tasks and identifying individual items of laundry to facilitate customer-specific invoicing. That enables processes to be simplified and optimized. In conjunction with textag laundry cabinets, it is possible to create an integrated package solution to manage merchandise circulating within a clinic. Potential savings are created by reducing the amount of merchandise in circulation. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reads all deister UHF textags rapidly and reliably
  • Bulk reading of all laundry transponders
  • Saves time booking merchandise in and out
  • Space saving installation on the ceiling
  • No costly ramming guards necessary
  • Single piece detection: deister smartframe
  • Innovative screening solution ensures no "false-positive" readings