keyPanel WD 16
  • keyPanel WD 16

keyPanel WD 16

Category Cabinet Panels

WD keyPanel for large key bundles

proxSafe WD-keyPanels are the perfect solution when it
comes to storing extra-long keys, large keybundles or other items in a secure environment. The panels which are available in three different slot densities are compatible with various proxSafe product lines.

Every slot contains a contactless RFID-Reader which enables it to automatically identify every keyTag which is inserted into a proxcylinder. An illuminated ring around the keyhole guides the user to the selected keyTag or valuable.

Due to RFID-Technology, the identification is extremely reliable and totally maintenance free even after many years of use.

The panel concept allows any size of system from 8 to thousands of slots with numerous configurations and housings. It is possible to start with a partially equipped proxSafe housing and add new panels later, if more slots are needed.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Contactless – no corrosion, no wear 
  • Maintenance free operation 
  • Reliable identification even after years of use 
  • Available in 3 slot densities 
  • Modular 19” concept fits any need 
  • Illuminated ring for perfect user guidance