keyPanel SD 8 V2 - SD 16 V2
  • keyPanel SD 8 V2 - SD 16 V2

keyPanel SD 8 V2 - SD 16 V2


SD-keyPanels for single keys

proxSafe SD-keyPanels offer the perfect solution to keep keys safe in the smallest of spaces. Generally speaking there are three different versions of the panel, on which the slots are more or less close together. All panels can be utilised in the different proxSafe product ranges.

Each slot is fitted with an RFID reader that automatically and contactlessly recognises the keyTag inserted in the proxCylinder. An illuminated ring on the proxCylinder guides the user to the selected keyTag or rather the object of value to be removed.

The non-locking feature makes it possible to remove each keyTag without hindrance once the door has been opened. The integrated RFID technology ensures key identification is extremely reliable and is totally maintenance-free even after many years of use. The modular panel concept makes any system size possible: from 8 to thousands of slots with numerous housing sizes and configuration options. It is possible at any time to add more keyPanels to a partially populated proxSafe housing.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Contactless – no corrosion, no wear, no maintenance
  • Reliable identification – even after many years of use
  • Modular 19” concept for optimum retrofitting options
  • Illuminated ring to guide users
  • Non-locking feature for unhindered access