UST 2080
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UST 2080

Category Accessories

Textile softtag

The UST 2080 is a textile softtag. The transponder chip used conforms to the international ISO 18000-6 C standard, ensuring the UST 2080 can be used worldwide. The UHF frequency band and the transponder bulk reading capability allow long reading distances as well as fast detection of a large number of softtags in the reading field. It is possible to attach the UST 2080 using a conventional heat-sealing machine.

The UST 2080 softtag has been developed especially for the folded linen and work garment markets. It is used everywhere where completely of textiles and very flexible materials; as a result, they are able to withstand the high temperatures in the tunnel finisher, various harsh cleaning methods used in dry-cleaning as well as the extreme stresses and strains to which they are exposed when laundry is pressed and rotary ironed. Thanks to its small size the UST 2080 makes it possible to sew a transponder into the seams of textiles when they are being manufactured: "source tagging".

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Resistant to cleaning processes used for fol-ded and work garments
  • Unvarying reading distance for reliable identification
  • Bulk reading
  • Suitable for dry-cleaning
  • In-seam option
  • Single piece detection: deister smartframe
  • Stackable, without impairing identification performance