UPT 3010
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UPT 3010

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Textile softtags for mats and mops

The 3010 family of softtags has been specially developed for use in floor mats and floor mops. It is also ideal for inserting into items of clothing, which are to be reliably identified when being worn: "body tag". The transponder chip used conforms to the international standard ISO 18000-6 C, ensuring the softtags can be used worldwide. The UHF frequency band facilitates long reading distances as well as fast detection of a large number of softtags within the reading field. The UBT 3010 is equipped with an antenna designed primarily to achieve the best possible reading distance when absolutely wet. Consequently, it is not only possible to reliably identify dry floor mops but wet floor mops as well when they are returned. Attaching the UBT 3010 can be done using a conventional heat-sealing machine. Alternatively, it is possible to sew the UBT 3010 into the garments as they are being manufactured: "source tagging".

The UPT 3010 is attached to a mesh structure; consequently, it is ideal for integrating in the manufacturing process of floor mats: "source tagging". Attached by means of a vulcanization procedure it becomes a scarcely visible part of the floor mat. The mesh structure allows the vulcanization processes to take place through the transponder. That ensures the floor mat will be used for a long time to come. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Resistant to cleaning processes used for floor mats and floor mops
  • Unvarying reading distance for reliable identification
  • Optimum reading performance including when wet or vulcanized
  • No damage to the carpet pile
  • As "body tag" readable directly on the skin
  • Can be embedded during the manufacturing process: "source tagging"
  • Single piece detection: deister smartframe