• UDL 5


Category Connected Systems

UHF reader and programming station

The demand for RFIDs by large trading companies has fuelled the use of this technology in production and logistics processes. Numerous applications in processes controlling the flow of goods, industrial automation processes and POS are already reality. And the use of UHF technology to identify vehicles has reached new dimensions. deister wishes to make access to this technology as easy and quick as possible; consequently, in addition to the mouse deister electronic offers a valuable read/write device in pocket format, which can be operated using any PC/laptop via a standard USB port.

The UHF mouse, for example, can be used for read-after-write verification purposes and to programme transponders, including on site, to identify users sharing a PC and as a POS reader. In security and vehicle access control applications the UHF programming station is designed to read in and programme UHF windscreen labels.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with PCs and laptops worldwide
  • Draws power from USB port
  • UHF transponders quickly programmed
  • Easily read in transponders from within PC software
  • Compatible with deister "smartframe"