TCR 250
  • TCR 250

TCR 250

Category Cabinets

The laundry return unit for containers

The laundry return unit is designed for efficient return of dirty laundry in laundry containers. The unit has a capacity for approximately 250 laundry items and works without the employee having to log on with his credential. The employee throws his dirty clothes into the return unit using the return lid.

An integrated UHF reader identifies the laundry and forwards the data to the ERP systems or HIS systems in hospitals. If contingent management is activated, the employee's account is immediately credited and the system's dispensing cabinets are unlocked for the removal of fresh laundry. This gives you a quick and up-to-date overview of existing, issued and returned laundry, enabling you to optimise your inventory. To remove the laundry container, the door is opened with a key.

The filled laundry container is rolled out and replaced by an empty laundry container. The removed full laundry container can be loaded directly onto the truck of the laundry service provider without further repacking. In addition, the management software registers when the containers were exchanged. The TCR 250 laundry return unit is particularly suitable for large installations.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reads deister UHF textags rapidly and reliably
  • Improvements to hygiene regulations
  • Reduces amount of laundry in circulation
  • Individual return stations make it possible to decentralize laundry returns
  • Safety lock for emptying
  • Laundry bag easily removed