• SMB 5


Category Digital Locking Systems

Smart I/O Box

The SMB 5 Smart I/O Box is the perfect interface between the doorLoxx system and other components to be controlled. The SMB 5 is equipped with interfaces for access control systems as well as two inputs and an isolated output to control door buzzers, lifts and other devices equipped with the active key tag or a reader. The SMB 5 makes it possible to integrate third-party systems with motorized locks, electric door openers and other control functions into a doorLoxx system, and to operate them with the same active tag loxxOpen, AKF 1, AKF 3 or via an external reader with a passive data carrier. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Combines with many previously installed systems
  • Assign parameters via Commander Connect
  • Fully compatible with all doorLoxx door release elements
  • Interface to further I/O modules
  • Option to connect an external VLF antenna
  • Extends doorLoxx system to include control functions for motorized locks, trapdoor openers etc.