SIC 3 - SIC 5
  • SIC 3 - SIC 5

SIC 3 - SIC 5

Category Connected Systems

The intelligent interface converters

The compact and intelligent serial interface converters were specifically developed for use with deister electronic RFID-readers. The interface converters use an encrypted deBus protocol on the input side of the reader to secure data integrity. Customized and industrial protocols as well as standard access control protocol formats can be supported on the output side to the access control system. Utilizing the RS485 interface with the deBus protocol and a four-core cable makes cable lengths possible of up to 1000 m between the reader and interface converter. That opens up a wide variety of application options, in particular when there are long distances between doors and barriers.

The SIC 3 converts RS485 deBUS to various customized RS232 protocols.

The SIC 5 converts RS485 deBUS via the Open Collector interface to Wiegand, data/clock and Magstripe protocols.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Facilitates data integrity between reader and SIC
  • Supports customized protocols
  • Compatible with existing access control systems
  • Allows large distances between reader and SIC
  • Quick and easy installation