RDL 150 T
  • RDL 150 T

RDL 150 T

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The read/write unit for medium ranges, incl. ETF

Unique ETF developed by deister electronic. The technology – "Easy Trim Function" – makes it possible to quickly calibrate the reader to suit different environmental conditions. All it takes is a few settings and the RDL 150 T is set to the best-possible reading distance within seconds of being installed.

The reader is designed for use in "Track and Trace" applications. Goods inwards inspections and despatch or tracking production process and quality assurance: the RDL 150 T is the right solution wherever multiple transponders need to be reliably read and written simultaneously at changing distances.

Due to its compact design and integrated antenna this reading system is ideally suited for renting out processes, tracking documentation and for high-speed identification purposes.

Equipped with a trigger input and a switching output as well as extensive configuration options the RDL 150 T fully satisfies widely diverging requirements. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Adaptable for different installation locations
  • Easy to install thanks to compact, flat housing with integrated antenna
  • Read and write functions in a single device
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Updateable software
  • Digital I/Os as control inputs and control outputs