PRx 5
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PRx 5

Category Connected Systems

Access control readers for junction boxes

The PRx 5 is an online reader. Due to their design series 5 readers fit onto all flush mounted junction boxes used in Europe; with the corresponding accessories they are suitable for installing all over the world.

The fully encapsulated readers are specially designed for installation outdoors, where the weather is a factor.

The PRx 5 is designed to be compatible with modern and secure smart card technology. Card data is protected by an internationally standardized AES crypto algorithm.

All card readers are equipped with an updateable memory so it will be possible to load future card technologies, cryptology protocols as well as simple changes to functions into the deister RFID reader at any time.

In particular, that makes security-relevant changes possible without having to modify the hardware.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Colour and design can be changed at any time using replaceable "covers"
  • Perfectly suitable for use outdoors
  • Load new software versions at any time