Infinity Reader PRx 6 - KPx 6 US
  • Infinity Reader PRx 6 - KPx 6 US

Infinity Reader PRx 6 - KPx 6 US

Category Access Control

Access control readers

Infinity readers support all common reading technologies and the reader portfolio offers a variety of form factors that fit all flush-mounted switch boxes in Europe and can be installed worldwide. The completely potted readers can also be used outdoors, where weather conditions are a factor.

The high-quality, illuminated keyboard can be optimally operated in the dark even while wearing gloves.

Depending on requirements, the Infinity readers are available as single, dual or triple technology readers and support proven 125 kHz technology, high-security 13.56 MHz smart card technology and can be expanded with future-oriented technology such as Bluetooth® via plug-in modules.

All readers also have an updatable memory so that future card technologies, protocols, cryptology procedures or simply function changes can be added at any time. This ensures that Infinity readers are always future-proof.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Supports up to 3 reading technologies simul-taneously (Triple Technology)
  • Future-proof thanks to plug-in modules
  • Supports all common reading technologies in the 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz range
  • Timeless, elegant design with interchangeable cover
  • New software versions, new features or pro-tocols can be loaded at any time
  • 3 LEDs for clear status indication, also for col-our blind or persons with red/green visual impairment
  • High-quality illuminated keyboard for easy operation even in the dark
  • Keys with tactile feedback suitable for opera-tion with gloves