IDC 50 - IDC 30
  • IDC 50 - IDC 30

IDC 50 - IDC 30

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LF disc transponders

Disc transponders store your information on a microchip to which an antenna is connected. The data is either read-out wirelessly at a distance of up to 80 mm or, if required, programmed.

They utilize passive technology, so they do not require a power supply. The small, inconspicuous plastic housing can be glued or screwed in position as required. Disc transponders are encapsulated in their housing; consequently, they are resistant to temperature, weather, soiling and other environmental factors. Depending on the reading and writing distances either the smaller IDC 30 is used or the IDC 50 with which it is possible to achieve greater read/write distances.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Encapsulated for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Suitable for metal surroundings
  • Suitable for read only or read/write applications
  • Wide temperature range for use in indoor and outdoor applications