IDC 2 - V2
  • IDC 2 - V2

IDC 2 - V2

Category Connected Systems


The IDC 2 was primarily developed to serve as a controller for contactless identification at access points for authorized persons and vehicles – in conjunction with long range readers such as the TSU 100 or TSU 200 – to control entry and exit barriers and gate systems. Utilizing online readers such as the PRD 5 it is possible to supervise standard doors for access control purposes. Administrative tasks to configure the device itself as well as create the corresponding authorization data for persons and vehicles are performed using the associated Commander Connect software.

It is possible to read out stored events as well as previously created user data and time profiles from the non-volatile memory of the IDC 2 at any time.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Contains all necessary I/O andreader interfaces
  • Manage up to 2000 users
  • 16 day/time profiles 
  • Store up to 7000 event entries
  • Battery buffered real time clock
  • Network up to 16 IDC controllers
  • Immediately ready for use with deister readers