Cipher Box SCB xx
  • Cipher Box SCB xx

Cipher Box SCB xx

Category Access Control

Smart Cipher Box for maximum security

The Smart Cipher Box (SCB) is the connecting link between deister electronic readers and customized interface configurations.

Protocol and interface conversion is possible with an SCB to convert the internal "deBus" protocol to any desired synchronous or asynchronous customer protocol. That makes it possible for customers to use the entire range of deister electronic readers while retaining their own family of protocols.

The SCB offers a range of security mechanisms to implement safety-relevant systems in the field of access control; these include AES encrypted communication, decryption of smartframe-encrypted transponder data, direct communication with mifare EV1 cards and support for up to four SamX modules.

Numerous interfaces, such as trigger input and output, RS485 and open collector ensure simple integration in legacy access control systems while at the same time raising the level of security to state-of-the-art security standards.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • RS 485 interfaces for long cable runs
  • Isolated I/O with SCB 2/3
  • Converts Wiegand to highly secure serial communications
  • AES encrypted communication to reader and controller
  • Direct communication with mifare EV1 cards
  • SamX module – protected cryptology and secure key management