• CDD 7 K


Category Digital Locking Systems

doorLoxx update station

The CDD 7 K update station is the "online" component in the doorLoxx system. It can be connected to the IP network via the interface converter SNP 7. The built-in display makes it possible to convey information to the respective system user. The favourably designed rear panel makes it possible to place the CDD 7 K along with the display and keypad in a user-friendly position. Depending on the data carrier used, it is possible to transfer data to both passive transponders as well as active key fobs at the CDD 7 K update station. Information stored in this manner is designated "Cardnet or Tagnet". The update station also writes the daily time stamp, in other words the validity of the access authorization on the card. Stored transaction data can also be transmitted to the PC at the same time as the update station reads in data from a data carrier. It is possible to disable a lost data carrier via the CDD 7 K update station to prevent misuse. In the event of a power failure, the internal clock will continue to operate for 15 minutes. The update procedure can also be carried out even if it is not possible to connect to the server; however, the power supply must be guaranteed. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Display provides user information
  • Supports active and passive transponders
  • Rapid read/write operations from/to data carriers
  • All data communication AES encrypted
  • Ethernet interface to host system