CDD 5-x
  • CDD 5-x

CDD 5-x

Category Digital Locking Systems

Access control readers for junction boxes

The CDD 5-x  is an "online" and update component in the doorLoxx System. It can be connected to the network via the IDC 2 controller. Depending on the identification medium used, it is possible to transfer data to both passive transponders as well as active key fobs at the CDD 5-x reader. Data stored in this manner is designated "Cardnet" or "Tagnet". The CDD 5-x updates the daily time stamp, in other words the validity of the access authorization on the identification medium. If required, when the event recorder completes a transaction it is possible to read out data from the identification medium or load the list of disabled (blacklisted) identity cards. In this way service information, such as the number of closures and battery status, is also transmitted to the control system. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Supports active and passive transponders
  • All data communication AES encrypted
  • Can be integrated wirelessly into the system via Airlink
  • Controls the online access control system
  • Supplies all data to the offline access control system operating in parallel