ALS 20 - ALS 20 P
  • ALS 20 - ALS 20 P

ALS 20 - ALS 20 P

Category Digital Locking Systems

Airlink Spot

The Airlink Spot ALS 20 / ALS 20 P are designed to connect the door release elements distributed within a building to a wireless network. Using the Airlink protocol it is possible to operate as many as 8 electronic digital cylinders and other hardware wirelessly. The Airlink Spot is available with a partyline-capable RS485 interface as well as an Ethernet/PoE interface.

It is possible to operate the Airlink Spot both in a frequency band in which 100% duty cycle operations, fast data rates and low transmitting power are required as well as in a band in which only 1% duty cycle operations and a slow data rate are required, but by contrast a higher transmitting power. The many fields of applications of the ALS 20 / ALS 20 P include collecting all online transactions of the electronic digital cylinders and other hardware located in the reception area. It goes without saying that at the same time all clocks are adjusted, blacklists managed and battery status reports are synchronized using the Commander software and the control options at its disposal.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Connect doorLoxx components to a wireless network
  • Extremely secure thanks to AES encrypted data communications
  • Modular design facilitates extension to network coverage with other ALS 20 Airlink Spots
  • Compact housing with integrated antenna
  • Optionally with or without an Ethernet interface